Meeting LadyBeard, Thoughts on 1st Month in Japan

Hey everyone! It’s been a while between posts, so I thought I’d get on here and queue a few up!

Recently I went back to Harajuku to get some clothes that I needed for my stay here. Whilst entering Takeshita Dori street I spotted Lady Beard taking photos with fans and having a camera follow him around. I HAD to take a photo with Lady Beard. After all, I follow him on twitter! 🙂 He was so nice. I wish I could have a drink with him and ask him how and why he does what he does. I bet he’s an interesting person. If you don’t know who Lady Beard is, check him out here: .


Moving on, I discuss some thoughts I have about my first month being here in Japan in the video above. Namely, culture shock, other students, living in an international dorm, a little background on myself, and how I can afford to be here. I hope everyone finds it interesting.

I am so grateful to be here, and every day is appreciated, whether I have a good day, or a stressful day. I have no complaints about being here. The Gilman Scholarship has been a gift, it allows me to not worry about anything financially for a while, so I can focus on studying, and buying the school supplies I need. I highly recommend this scholarship to anyone thinking about study abroad. If you read this blog and want to study abroad, I posted about it here.

I was going to make a post about culture shock, but I haven’t really experienced anything yet. Maybe I didn’t notice it, or it was only like a day long, but no real side effects. I know it affects everyone differently so I will keep an eye on myself and make a post if anything crops up.

All in all, this program has been so good! Oftentimes I learn things subliminally and end up repeating them later in Japanese. I love their direct method of teaching here! I don’t really have much else to type, especially since I addressed so much stuff in the video! Sorry it is so long, but if you have a cup of tea or some homework to do, hopefully it’s worth a listen. I have been so busy recently; that is sure to make up a few posts worth!

Stay brave, study, and thank you for reading!


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