Harajuku, Takeshita Dori Street, and Purikura!


This is the post I’ve been wanting to write my whole life. I know it sounds silly, but that would be my first trip to Harajuku. Remember that album in the 90’s from Gwen Stephani? “Harajuku girls you’ve got some wicked style….”. I was just a wee lass when that had come out, but ever since then, I’ve been curious as to what she was talking about. Saturday October 11, 2014 I found out. Our school took a culture class trip to Harajuku and Takeshita Dori street (sounds like kindergarten, but we are all 19-30 ish). I nearly cried when I saw it. You see photos of it in magazines, and videos of the endless outfits and fashion, seeing it in person however is an entirely different story. I don’t think I put my camera away the entire time we were there. I’m such a girl.




The whole street was colored with the rainbow, and peppered with girls and guys dressed in clothes that expressed themselves. I felt like, in a country that prides itself in how conservative it is, and how orderly and clean things are, this area is an oasis for young people searching for their voice. Imagine a mall that’s outside in your home country. For me, in America, we have closed malls for the most part. Big buildings, with lots of shops and kiosks. Takeshita Dori has open shops, shop girls yelling about their latest clothes, and discounts, and food. Head inside a small door, you could find yourself in a big shop. Head into a basement full of purikura machines, and you’ll find young couples, girlfriends, sometimes boyfriends cramming themselves into purikura booths to make memories. And you’ll most definitely always see somebody dressed in a way you want to dress.


Before we went to Harajuku, I told my new friends that even if I didn’t have money and we didn’t do anything else, we HAD to do purikura together. Its a rite of passage! I feel like no friendship is real until you take photobooth photos together! 2 of the 3 girls had never done it before, one of those three being me. So we paid our 400 yen, took some goofy photos, and then drew silly photos and put stickers on them. We all got copies, and I felt so happy I could cry. When you work really hard for something, and your dream finally comes true, it’s very overwhelming.











We also wandered around looking for oversized shirts for winter/fall, and schoolbags. We ended the night having our first crepes. I felt like I gained about 10 pounds but it was worth it! I had banana and chocolate, and of course documented and instagrammed it! Is that a word? I laughed about inappropriate things, stared at hot guys, talked about life, and walked and rode the trains till my feet hurt. I feel like there needs to be a 2 day recovery period after walking around Harajuku!

I hope you feel the happy energy from my video, and it makes you smile! I want everyone to have this experience sometime in their lives.

Here is our silly video for your viewing pleasure!

Thoughts? Let me know!


6 responses to “Harajuku, Takeshita Dori Street, and Purikura!”

    • I was beyond happy! I couldn’t stop smiling. I had been dreaming of doing all the things in the video for so long! I was soaking it all in and living it to the fullest 🙂

  1. Hey!
    I absolutely love your blog! It’s like I am living in Japan through you!
    Also, I have a few questions that I hope you can answer :). If I were to travel to Japan with no knowledge of the language, would I survive and get around? And what kind of camera are you using for your videos/pictures? It looks amazing!
    Thanks and please keep up with the updates :)!

    • It would be really tough to come here with no knowledge of Japanese. You could do it, I know people here who came here who barely knew kana. However it will be hard to keep up in class and navigate alone. I would recommend starting Japanese if you are interested in coming here! Or at least knowing your Kana.

      I am using a combination of a Canon and my iPhone 🙂

      I am so happy you’re enjoying the updates! I hope you enjoy the style of writing and videos. 😀 thanks for taking time out of your day to comment.

      • Omg! Thanks for replying so quickly! 🙂
        I should have clarified myself when I meant going to Japan with no knowledge of the language haha. What I meant was that what if I went to visit for like two weeks (like a tourist), would I still be able to get around what not?

      • Oh for sure! I would just bring a travel guide like a lonely planet book. 🙂 no problem if you’re a tourist, the trains have english as well as maps along the streets if you get lost. I would learn basic direction words and how to ask for directions as well. 🙂 easy peasy

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