The Final 2 Weeks

Hey everyone!

Wow, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m leaving in just around two weeks. What!? If you asked me one or even two years ago if I would ever travel and go to Japan or anywhere for study abroad I would have said no. Let alone study abroad for a full academic year! Being away from friends and family? NO WAY!

Yet, here we are, and everything that I stressed about worked out fine. As usual, stressing solves nothing and I just needed to sit back and let things happen. My visa arrived in the mail, laminated to my passport with my C.O.E. stapled in. I will be making more and more videos about my trip, and I want to style them around a sort of narrated experience. I didn’t spend money on my camera for nothing! I also want to show my family places they’ve never seen and encourage them to visit if they want to.

I know I’ll be super busy in the coming months with school and learning like 40 kanji a week. That coupled with culture shock, adjusting to living alone and away from my husband for a year, etc will make for a pretty crazy schedule and the need for personal time. Regardless I will make sure I try and stick to a Friday schedule of uploads on YouTube and blog posts so everyone gets weekly updates. Some weeks there may be nothing new happening, but I’ll update everyone anyway.

I have sacrificed a lot for this trip. Time, money, and soon distance from everyone. However I am BEYOND excited that this has finally happened. This blog started when I was thinking about applying for a study away and the people reading this have seen me take so many steps to making my dream come true. I hope you all can continue to support me as I go to the big city of Tokyo and learn more about life, and myself. I may not be the same person when I return, and that’s ok 🙂

With all of that said, I guess I can update you all on how the planning is coming along. I have a suitcase set ready, my visa, and tuition for 2 semesters paid up front, 3rd semester later. I have money saved up for my meal plan and some essentials when I arrive like toilet paper, mugs and tea for my dorm, etc. I have my canon t5i all set to go, my laptop for blogging about my trip and editing, but I still need to get some spiral bound notebooks because I heard that Japanese notebooks don’t have the best binding. I’ll probably end up packing a week ahead of time so I am ready, and have time to think if I’ve missed anything.

Phew! Thanks for listening to me, stay tuned for a video and blog next week as I get ready for this big journey.

Keep learning!


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