JLPT N3 Challenge


In addition to travel updates, I also decided when I first started this blog that I would update my readers with my language experiences.

To begin, I’d like to point out that I follow a LOT of YouTubers. Lots of people that I follow, like me, are avid language learners. The user “GothicLenne” is a Japanese Language learner that is at my level of Japanese, however her speaking and grammar skills are probably above mine. This really encourages me to study, seeing others that are at or near my level. She recently uploaded a video, explaining that she would be starting a 90 day challenge to prepare for her JLPT N3 test in December.

So I thought, I’m just under the N3 level, I need to get ready for my placement exam in October, and I am in a study slump due to revision. Why not join her? I am doing a condensed version of her challenge, since I do leave in just about 47 days. This gives me just under 2 months to study. However, If anybody wants to join GothicLenne in her JLPT challenge, feel free to make a video telling her so! I made a video that shows the before and after of my Pre-Test, which can be found above.

The practice test was super challenging for me, mostly due to the fact that I couldn’t read many of the kanji. If you understand the listening portion, not being able to read the answers is a problem! I’ve learnt by taking this pre-test that Kanji and Speaking are probably my weakest areas, and this makes sense because I’m not in Japan. I’m not surrounded by Japanese speakers, signs, etc. These are the areas I’ll be focusing heavily on in addition to Grammar. I don’t have the expectation that I’ll be able to pass this test 100% after studying for a month, but I do expect that I will get close.

My main goal with this challenge is to get the most out of these last few months before I leave.



  • N3 Practice Test: 19 August
    Challenge Timeline: August 20 – October 3 (maybe on the plane to Japan 5th/6th)
  • No daily restrictions; However, must study 5-10hrs/week at a minimum.
  • MUST take a practice test during the pre-challenge AND at the end of the 45-day challenge.

Resources I’m Using

  • Genki II
  • Essential Japanese Grammar
  • N3 Practice Test
  • Japanese Kanji Power
  • Kanji Pict-O-Graphix
  • Nihongo no Mori (日本語の森) YouTube Channel: The N3 playlists


To join us, just watch her video by clicking here. Upload your own challenge videos/blog posts, and lets all help each other!

Study Hard!


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