Speaking and Reading Practice


I’m quite behind on my reading and speaking in this playlist, so hopefully posting this will motivate me and others to practice! Tomorrow I will rectify my tardiness in keeping up with daily news readings.

Most of the readings will always come from NHK News Web easy. As this is most comfortable at the level I’m at. Its really great for those beginners or even intermediate learners. It includes furigana above the Kanji, a dialogue you can listen to, and sometimes a real news clip! I love this website, you can visit it here.

There are some singing clips on my soundcloud as well, but you can ignore those, unless you enjoy having your ears bleed, haha!

I am trying to work up the courage to live chat on skype in Japanese. Hopefully I’ll have an update for you guys soon on this front. Also, this week I’ll be applying for KCP International Language School. I will DEFINITELY be posting more after that on my preparations for my year abroad if I get accepted and everything works out.

Keep studying, speaking, and being an active learner,


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