A Wonderful Resource for Learners of ANY Language

Hello again! I’m back to share a bit of new information with everyone regarding language learning. If you follow my twitter, you may have noticed I’m trying to tweet more and more in Japanese and occasionally Korean if I know the equivalent. However, I recently became frustrated because my vocabulary pool is so small. So what did I do? I went to YouTube to find some help. I usually do this if I need that extra push of motivation to study, or when I hit a wall in language study. What I found is amazing. I stumbled across this YouTube channel:

And stumbled across the website he’s created called http://www.lingq.com/. What a discovery!

I’ve dabbled around on websites online trying to find one besides iKnow that is vocabulary based. This website not only lets you create a profile and interact with native speakers and tutors, it has dialogue, articles, and letters with audio that you can listen to as you read. This application allows you to select which words you know and remove the highlight over them, and it remembers words you know and words you don’t know. I believe this allows you to visually see, while you read, what you are capable of. I haven’t found anything quite like this. It also allows native speakers to correct you as well, which is the only thing that Lang 8 does. I have switched from Lang 8 to Lingq, and am finding my learning experience much more enjoyable! Isn’t that what learning is all about?!

I feel more free to move about and learn the language at my pace, and it is really helping with my college study material and even enhancing it, as I feel like I am advancing more quickly maybe than others. Its a great feeling and its rekindled the feelings I had when I first started self studying prior to college. I believe if I had had this during my self study years, before university, I would have been able to test out of more Japanese.

This website helps with a variety of languages! I’m using it to study Korean as well now. I hope you find it as useful I as have.

Happy Language Learning!

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