American Japanese Fall Festival and Japanese Learning! アメリカの日本の秋祭り!日本語の勉強!



Hello again! How is everyone?

Recently I had the honor of volunteering at our local Japanese Festival. Our sister city in Japan is Isaseki, and they helped host the event. At the festival I got to see taiko drummers, festival dances, as well as samurai swordplay. It was fun! I also got to drink some Grape flavored Ramune and eat some Takoyaki.

At night time, torches were lit, and everyone did the “Moonlight Walk”. It was beautiful, as well as the pond and foliage. We have Japanese gardens here, and the staff did a wonderful job of tending to the plants.

My Japanese teacher actually led the dances, so it was fun to see her in a different situation, and attitude. She has lots of energy!

Which leads me to my second point, my Japanese studies! This blog is first and foremost a chronicle of my progress in that area.


You may know that I study using the Genki Series at my University. Well, I started in my Japanese 1 class, and felt it was too easy. So I asked to be tested to see how far I could advance, and guess what? I was placed in Japanese 3!! I didn’t think I was that knowledgable! But its not only thanks to my 2-3 years of self study, but to you guys as well. YES! Everyone I follow on Twitter, Instagram, LINE, YouTube, etc. has helped get me to this point. So thank you!

I am now getting used to kanji and its usage, each day I’m able to understand more and more, and think in Japanese. Its becoming easier but harder at the same time. As my knowledge grows, the more questions I have.

We are learning such things as all the uses of “TE” form, chaining Verbs together, and reading and writing skills. I’ll make a post later this week containing what I’ve been studying lately. Again, all of that will be in a separate post.

In addition to learning more and more in Japanese, I’ve found that my university will be offering Korean starting next fall. I will definitely be taking these courses, as Korean is another language I’d love to speak.

More updates on my language learning soon including:

  1. The materials I use to learn Japanese.
  2. What I’m currently learning.
  3. Videos.
  4. and more!

I hope we can all help each other in our language learning journey. I want to meet all of you! If you want, send me a video via Twitter @buritanipyon. See you there!



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