Who Am I?

So, usually I don’t talk about personal things, or dreams and things of the like, but I think I need to start sharing things here.

IMG_6359I am pursuing a Bachelors in Japanese Language and TESOL. This is an extremely exciting time in my life, these next two years are preparing me for the JLPT, my “career” and getting my TESOL certification. I’m also gearing up to build and live in a Tiny Home with my husband.

This is my dream.

Most of this idea of Japan started in Middle School. I had been travelling with my mother, sister, and my mother’s best friend all over America. When we reached Alaska, I saw so many different things there related to Japanese culture. Since I was already obsessed with Japanese video games and anime at this age, my mother decided to buy me a phrasebook introducing some culture and language to me. I CHERISHED THIS SMALL BOOK. It was a Lonely Planet book, and I carried it everywhere. However, the dream had to end when I returned home for the rest of the year. My imagination was wild and my interest in the country, culture and language just kept growing throughout high school, but there were 0 opportunities to foster this.

When I graduated High School, I thought, without a doubt that there was no way I would ever get to Japan, and I settled my mind on being a photographer or an artist. I would get married and stay in the nearest big city the rest of my life, something neither my husband or I would be happy doing, but didn’t see any other way.

Many personal setbacks in life happened, and then I re-enrolled in college to find out what I was made of and what I could do. About the time I enrolled, I discovered all things Japan on YouTube. People who were in Japan, my age, studying, travelling, teaching, and thriving in Japan. The spark of wonder and curiosity that I had struck as a youngling started to grow again. And being older I now recognized this feeling as hope. HOPE. HOPES. DREAMS. POSSIBILITY. It was all obtainable now. I started focusing on my health, I started researching resources to learn Japanese on my own, and I decided that no matter what, I would get to Japan.

I didn’t abandon my love for technology though. Photography, Cameras, Videos. I could use this to show other people what I was going through, the struggles of learning a language, the frustration, and hopefully, at the end, my triumph as I walked to get my diploma and start my “adult life”. And thats what I’m doing now.

I only have one semester left at my university to prepare me for what I want to do. My classes will be filled with Japanese language, Art History, Culture Classes, Language Acquisition Classes, etc. Everything I’m going to need to prepare me.

I spent 6 months in Tokyo at KCP International from 2014-2015 Academic Year! I was so excited about that year in my life, as my language skill improved exponentially. I even received a Gilman Scholarship! Now I am looking forward to walking across that stage and receiving my diploma!

I’m in love with the idea of traveling. I’m in love with my husband, and he’s so supportive of anything I want to do. We are planning on building a tiny home, traveling and exploring all the opportunities open to us.

I’m obsessed, something I’ve discovered to be a character trait of mine. When I see something I like, or when something excites me, I research it non-stop, and talk to my family and friends repeatedly about it (sometimes to the point of annoying the hell out of them). OBSESSED.

Anyway, I hope you guys got a little insight as to what I love, and who I am 🙂 I’m just so excited and I’ve bothered so many of my family and friends with this crazy dream, I thought it time to share with you.

With this blog, i’d like to record my adventures, namely my language study and my journey to travel with my husband and live our fullest and best lives.

What are your dreams?


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